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Hey there! Please describe your event in detail (audience, vibe) and include the event page if you have one already *

Event Name

Purpose *

Why is this event being held ? what type of event will it be (Educational, Networking, a Launch etc)

What do you want to achieve? What is your desired outcome?
Target Audience *

What type of guests will attend? What are their demographics? Any special needs?
Number of guests *

Proposed Dates *

Timing *

How long would the event be?
Location Details *

Type: Restaurant? Classroom? Auditorium? 
Fee for entrance or event?
Key Messages *

Is there an RSVP?
Dress code requirements?
Do guest need to bring anything with them?
Outline any key messages you  need to share.
Event Format *

Cocktail function, lecture/classroom style, a mixer with a classroom style + food, etc
Suppliers *

Entertainment / Music
Audio Visual
Caterer/Bar tender
Gift for special guest/Speaker
Communication *

Is this event open to the public or invitation only? How will you invite your guests? Do you need us to set up an Eventbrite /Splashthat, as well as all verbiage? 

Evaluation *

How will we measure the success of the event?
Contact person *

Name, email and phone number of contact person.
Event Brief + Post Event Debrief

For all events, we will provide Client with an event proposal that outlines the what, how and cost of the services and products that will be delivered for your particular event.  Our proposal includes a detailed budget with itemized costs for all the suppliers utilized and an event program that lays out the structure of the event and points of contact.

We will be present for all events, which is included in our budget template. Additionally, we like to do a post-event debrief with our clients to discuss what worked about the event and go over solutions for any issues that occurred. Your satisfaction is our main concern, so we like to evaluate all areas to make sure your objectives were met and that our vendors provided excellent service to you.

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot provide you a sample event brief but as soon as your questionnaire is complete, we can move forward.

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